I wasn’t stressed today.

I should have been, believe me.

It was another “Too much to do” day, but somehow, I didn’t feel stressed.

Usually under these circumstances, I get snappy, and short with my poor family.

Something small they might ask me to do is the first excuse to blow off some steam.

Ironically, it’s the large things that are making me stressed, and the little things that act like straws that break my resolve.

Today, however, anytime I felt stress creeping in on my heart, I took a deep breath, and reminded myself that my family is not at fault for too much on my plate…I am.

I didn’t get angry with myself, I just accepted.

With the help of my son, we got all the podcasts done, and ready for publication.

I completed two client projects.

I made dinner before 4pm, took my youngest to music lessons, did some shopping for some odds and ends we needed while he was in playing his trombone, and then went to an open house for my good friend at her new business location. I even won the raffle!

All in all, it was a very productive day full of laughs, love and lots of work.

I would not think of this day that way were it not for simply accepting.

Accepting what, you ask?

Accepting life.

Accepting love.

Accepting whatever happens.

Accepting myself as I am.

Day 5 of my promise:

  • No exercise
  • Anche tu stai bene? (Are you also well?)
  • Podcasting…just Podcasting.

​Ciao for now.