Innovation Success Optometrist

Clarify how your business is Different.

Design the Conversations to share it to the right potential buyers.

Produce the Experiences that help your customers become your marketing department.

Your new prescription for Innovation & Demand Generation!

Welcome, you passionate, innovative entrepreneur!

Who is that person in the picture above? Call Me MKJ, it’s easier than saying Mary Kathryn Johnson. 😁

There is no specific title I can list after my name that can tell you who I am, what I do, and why you might need me in your business. I typically use 3 interconnected disciplines to help businesses future-proof their relationships and revenue leading to scalability, and I add my own brand of CEO MISCHIEF to them.

Let’s start with your “Different.” (Discipline #1. Category Design)

Are you ready to uncover your own brand of Innovation that means you truly have no competition in your industry? If you nod your head as you read any of the following statements, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

  • I have a unique, non-linear path that led me to starting and growing this business with the hope of going beyond the simple transactions that make me money, but haven’t been able to put it into a simple elevator pitch style tagline.
  • It always feels icky when I’m told to focus on SEO, or advertising, because it makes me feel like I’m just in a line-up with my closest competitors, and I’m nothing like them.
  • I struggle with my token elevator pitch, because I fall into the descriptions commonly used in my industry, but my business is not common.
  • My website, copy, and even some of my content was created by people who don’t do what I do, but they say it is designed for “clicks” that I haven’t really seen yet.
  • I’m intrigued by all the new tools exploding online like A.I. software and ChatGPT, but don’t know if my time spent learning them will truly future-proof my business relationships, revenue and growth.

Now, let’s move on to Communication. (Discipline #2. Conversational Design)

Are you ready to change the language of your success so that all your conversations clearly showcase your “Different” and attract the perfect person whose pain you can heal? Here are some hints that might show you agree.

  • I really would love to leave behind the numbers game of pushy internet marketing tactics, and simply attract who needs me, and my services/products.
  • I feel like I’m regularly pulled into the ‘better, faster & cheaper’ conversation when I’m asked why someone would buy from me.
  • My unique framework feels more like I’m creating a movement in the world, and I want to attract a community of customers who agree, and participate.
  • Our automated communication using email, SMS, or chatbots doesn’t feel cohesive, and we aren’t getting the results I thought we would.
  • I want to leverage the knowledge I’ve accumulated to serve our customers with creativity & skill, and communicate that in a way that grows authentic success.

Lastly, let’s dive into your Customer Experience. (Discipline #3. Customer Experience Design)

Both of the above disciplines lead to the ultimate experience your internal and external customers have with your business. Do you know what your customers experience when they interact with your business and brand? Maybe this will help.

  • I feel like our customer churn boils down to price comparisons, and I want to get out of that never ending race to the bottom.
  • I would love for customers to refer us to their friends without us constantly asking or bribing them to with prizes.
  • I want to survey my customers for their opinions and experience with us, but I get very few responses when I do, and those I do get aren’t very helpful.
  • I’m lost as to what to do, and who to serve, and how to find them, and how to get their attention, and how to get them to buy, and how to get them to stay.😮‍💨
  • I would love to know who is talking about us in DM’s and social groups, and what they are saying, so I can adjust our customer service to gain loyalty, and referrals.

If you need help with one or all of the above, you are in the right place!

I have worked through the uncertain, blurry, scary, crazy stuff on the way to the success you seek, and I want to help you finally see that path clearly with a custom prescription for category design, conversational design, and the resulting customer experience (while keeping the MISCHIEF alive in your life and business).

I am the Chief M.I.S.C.H.I.E.F. Maker around here, let’s chat.

(Mindset Impact Strategic Catalyst Helping Innovative Entrepreneurs FOCUS)

“MISCHIEF makes everything more fun!”

Here is How I Can Help

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Finally unravel the category, technical, industry-specific details of what you know and sell into a beautiful, clear conversational framework that leaves your products and services irresistible to your ideal prospects. I help SaaS companies, and personal brands see clearly to engagement & profit.

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How can one speaker handle both high-level, strategic and inspirational experiences for your audience, while also giving them actionable tools, tactics and steps to impact the top and bottom line? More than 20 years of being a business contrarian who thinks differently, and continues to experiment with the consequences is how MKJ does it. Click below to see her in action.

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The CEO M.I.S.C.H.I.E.F. Maker Podcast only invites business leaders with an experience, proven success rate. MKJ discusses the mindset shifts that started a particular part of this failure/failure/failure/success journey, the innovation they achieve in their industry, and the tactics they implemented to make it all come tother to equal revenue and profit. Check it out!

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The typical feedback after working with MKJ

MKJ’s insights were invaluable and helped shape ZeroWork into what it is today. MKJ became one of our first users because, as a true innovator, she could recognize the power of the emerging technology even in its nascent stage. Her advice and insights on how to build an active community that gives, takes and creates value to everyone involved were fundamental to the creation of ZeroWork’s vibrant community of creators. In our numerous conversations, MKJ always brought light and clarity to where I stand as a founder, where ZeroWork stands as my product and where my dreams stand as a vision. I recommend collaborating with MKJ to any founder or business owner. Her level of competence, nuanced understanding of technology, overall expertise and level of integrity will surprise you.

Diana Rees, CEO & Founder ZeroWork

Mary has offered invaluable strategic insights regarding the alignment of our software platforms with new industry categories, in addition to providing conversational messaging suggestions that enable us to effectively communicate with our customers in a nurturing and approachable manner. Her ability to identify category fits for products, devise messaging strategies, and create implementation plans to achieve specified goals is remarkable. I strongly endorse Mary and her conversational marketing approach, which she should incorporate into a new marketing curriculum taught at universities.

Peter Lisoskie, CEO & Founder iProelio

If you are ready for CEO MISCHIEF, I would love to have a chat!