Create Interactive Video Relationships

Be Relatable

Tired of playing the numbers game with Algorithm Zombies that don’t care about you or your business?

Tired of pushing people through one-way funnels that sell 1% (if you’re lucky) and bug the hell out of the other 99%?

Tired of feeling spammy with marketing “at arm’s length” that treats people like wallets?

It’s time to build relationships and revenue at scale by actually being authentic and Relatable.

All you need is your phone, finger and face to Be Relatable, and:

  • Create Interactive Evergreen Videos that let your audience and leads engage with you and what your business can do for them
  • Produce Interactive Launch Videos that invite more of the right viewers to quickly and clearly decide whether or not to buy
  • Generate Interactive Daily videos that deepen the relationship with viewers, and gather valuable insights on what they need from you
  • Develop A.I. assisted or manually written scripts to record quality, authentic videos that showcase who you are, what you do, and who you serve
  • Take advantage of a built in teleprompter to turn that script into your own TV show you record right on your phone
  • Add interactive elements that invite your viewers to share their ideas, thoughts, and insights as they answer questions and engage with your content

I LOVE THIS TOOL, and here’s a sample Relatable video of my own: WATCH NOW!

Just hit that button below, and you’re ready to see if your free trial can quickly turn your passive YT, TikTok, Reels, Stories and other short videos into interactive relationship and revenue building powerhouses.

Grow Your FB Group on Auto-Pilot

Facebook Group Growth

Tired of using paid FB ads to grow your group?

Tired of paying appointment setters who are saying who-knows-what to get new members to your group?

Tired of feeling spammy with DMs that are just soliciting group members, and not building relationships?

Now you have the GrowBot! This organic outreach automation capitalizes on your never-ending suggested friends list in FB.

Filling your FB Group with organically generated ideal prospects has never been easier. When you subscribe to the GrowBot, you will:

  • Create on auto-pilot a list of possible FB Group members
  • Target the list for those who qualify for your group
  • Automatically connect with potential members
  • Automatically send a personalized DM
  • Enjoy the Automated Conversational Marketing training on how to get an 80% reply rate to your DMs

You even get a free 14 day trial.

Just hit that subscribe button, and you’re ready to watch your FB Group fill with hot prospects on autopilot.

Automate speaking invitations

Get More Speaking Gigs

Are you ready to spread your message and get more qualified leads as a speaker and guest on podcasts? Are you tired of procrastinating or stabbing in the dark to find your next speaking opportunity? Well, my GOBot will automate finding shows, and initiating the conversation-starting outreach so that all you do is verify which of the leads gathered are qualified for you to pursue for a speaking relationship. Then you can manage the conversations that GOBot starts, and create a steady stream of invitations for podcast speaking gigs to your calendar:

  • Save time finding new speaking gigs & podcasts that fit your message
  • Increase response rate for your initial connection
  • No more procrastinating on hiring a VA to do your outreach
  • Steady stream of potential speaking gigs
  • Fill your calendar with gig invites on auto-pilot

Automate your agency, media buying, chatbot or freelancing business

Targeted Lead Generation

Are you tired of the revenue rollercoaster that you ride each month as you get new clients, fulfill on the services you offer, then look up and realize you need to get more new clients again? Do you feel like you’re starting from square one after every project? Well, stress no more, because my ALBot will automate your lead generation, and initial conversation-starting outreach so that all you do is verify which of the leads gathered you will accept as qualified, and pursue a relationship with. Then you can manage the conversations that ALBot starts, and create a steady stream of opportunities for discovery calls to your calendar:

  • Save time finding new potential leads
  • Increase response rate for your initial connection
  • No more scrambling for your next gig or client
  • Steady stream of potential leads
  • Fill your calendar with discovery calls on auto-pilot

Save 80% of your time finding

Qualified Podcast Guests

Are you running out of friends, and recommendations for guests on your podcast? Are you constantly stressed about staying ahead of your publishing deadlines? Well, stress no more, because my PodBot will automate your guest qualification, and outreach so that all you do is verify which of the leads gathered you accept as qualified, then manage interviews from a now full podcast production calendar!:

  • Save time finding new guests
  • Increase response rate for your initial outreach
  • No more scrambling to meet your publishing schedule
  • Steady stream of qualified guests
  • Fill your calendar on auto-pilot

Automate Repetitive Processes with


Automate any repetitive or manual tasks, including social media outreach, with TaskBots. This amazing SaaS Marketplace and no-code creator app is a game changer! It will facilitate agency and business efficiency & growth by:

  • Automating podcast guest outreach
  • Saving on paid ads
  • Saving time through automation that runs 24/7
  • Saving money on wages for repetitive tasks
  • Expanding your network in a consistent, authentic method with auto-like posts, auto-send DMs, auto-send connection requests, extract essential lead data from FB, LI, IG, Twitter, and more

Create Your Personal Brand Home & Automation With

Brand You Funnels

How to slash cost on your tech stack, systemize your business and win back your time using this all-in-one platform for:

  • Full-featured websites with custom menus (and even membership sites)
  • Capturing leads using their high-performing landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars and inbound phone system
  • Nurturing those leads automatically via voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails and Messenger (leverage AI & Machine Learning to manage the conversation)
  • Closing sales, collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics
  • Managing your CRM & Pipeline to automatically move prospects to customers

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