My calendar was so full today, I needed a second page.

Since iCal only gives one page of time slots per day, that meant I had more to do than would fit in one day.

Not unusual, actually, but then I add the fact that my sons are still home from school on winter break, and that adds some difficulty to getting everything done.

It’s nothing like when they were younger, but they still need things from me occasionally.

​From doing my Power Morning Routine – to recording Podcasts (one weekly, one daily) – to client work – to making a doctor appointment for my cat – to making travel arrangements for my sons’ band trip – to figuring out a new online course website platform – to doing laundry – to making dinner – to helping my youngest make an amazing video about a metaphor for life – to helping my oldest find an exercise video to do since it’s raining outside – to exercising myself – to writing this post – I was busy!

I live by my schedule.

Everything I need to do is arranged on it.

If my husband asks me to do something for him, I tell him to put it on my schedule otherwise I won’t remember.

I am training my sons to do the same.

What I uncovered about myself today is that I lie to myself quite often about that schedule.

Just because it is written down at a certain time doesn’t mean I adhere to doing that thing at that time, or at all sometimes. I transfer things to the next day quite often.

The one thing that is making me stay on task right now is this blog.

I am counting down the days every time I stray into something mundane like social media or checking blog/podcast/website stats, and that makes me steer back on the promise track.

Every night I mentally tick off another day as I hurtle head and heart first toward Evan’s graduation. I’m not even thinking or worrying about the trip to Europe. I can’t believe my baby will graduate high school in a few short months.

Just like the first and last bite of food is usually savored, because it tastes the best, the first and last months our children are in our homes are savored, because they prepare us for the biggest changes in our lives.

So, even though I have these promises to keep, I will always put down whatever I’m working on to spend some time with my boys.

Immediately, I will put it down…mid type or click.

When they were in elementary and middle school, I finished a thought or sentence or search, but now I won’t.

They are as precious as newborns to me now.

I was still able to keep my promises today, and I was also able to spend some amazing time, attention and love on my boys.

Just like I realized today time with my sons was finite, I also realized that time spent on my tasks and promises was also finite.  I will meet these promises every day, and that is what made me exercise today…right before I sat down to eat dinner.

Day 4 of my promise:

  • 10 Minute Trainer Total Body (I can barely lift my arms to fold underwear)
  • Non c’ e male! (Not bad!)
  • I only wrote this post today…boo.

Here’s to another morning when I will hopefully wake up, and have the opportunity to take another shot at life.

How was your schedule today?

Please share, and if you want to know how I keep a schedule and get almost everything done – even when I occasionally lie to myself, just click that rose colored box to the right of the title to this post, and download my Power Schedule template.

Who knows…It might help?!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!