My Entrance into the 52 Click Photo Challenge


Week 2 ~
What Makes You Smile?
Okay this picture was taken just last summer when they were 12 and 9.  My oldest is now 13, has grown a mustache and 4 inches in height since it was taken and has a facebook account so if you are my facebook friend, DON’T, for the love of Mike use my name – he’s as tall as me now, and would say “that sucks” if potential girlfriends saw him holding hands with his brother!

Week 3 ~
Favorite Room
Can you tell what my favorite room in my house is…and my favorite appliance? (oops, gave it away I think)
Mangiamo Amici, (and bring your mugs!)


Week 4 ~
Day in the Life
Pretty much says it all…with the dog in the background. The only thing to add to this is my car, because I drive back and forth to the schools 5 times each day…drop off, first recess yard duty, lunch recess yard duty, pick up middle school, pick up elementary. whew!