In the hope that I may save some businesses and/or marriages, I give you the following reasons being an entrepreneur is very much like being a wife, and if you are successful at one, you certainly can be successful at the other!

You are really the one in control. No matter how much you empower others to give their best (or bitch), you are really the one who runs the show, so go ahead and let others feel they have a say.  We know who really has the power.

You set the tone.  The old saying rings true… If the boss (Mama) aint happy, aint nobody happy!  Complaining, belittling, and sarcasm rarely are the ingredients for success in anything except making enemies.  Remember, you get more flies with honey than vinegar. (Did I just compare husbands to flies?)

You can do everything if need be. Let’s face it, “the buck stops here”, right?  Luckily, you are the most valuable resource for your company (family), and you have the greatest ability to multi-task to get everything done. Even though you have set it up so that the place could run without you (you have, haven’t you?) regardless of who brings in the most bacon, we know who can do (and usually does) the most work.

So, there you go. Keep these three things in mind, and you could be a very successful entrepreneur and/or wife.

Are you either?

—Mary Kathryn Johnson 2012