Great to Meet You, Fellow Speaker! 👋

I’m here to share how you can quickly and easily find, and connect with owners of perfect-fit podcasts, summits, and stages whose listeners and attendees need to hear exactly what you have to say.

Do you have a mission and message to share?

Do you love public speaking and being a guest on podcasts, summits and conference stages?

Then you will love the Speaking & Guesting Outreach Taskbot, aka the GOBot!

Have you been told that the only way to scale your speaking outreach is to send mass emails or DM’s to potential leads, OR hire a VA to do it for you?

How has that worked?

Do you know how has that impacted your reputation, your connections, your relationships? Probably not, because the people who receive these messages very rarely respond to tell you how they feel about it.

Yeah, I receive those messages every day as a podcast host, and I immediately delete them.

I even delete the messages I get from PR firms trying to pitch their clients to me.


  • It’s obvious that the person pitching has never even listed to my show.
  • The message is all about them, and it’s also obvious that all they want to do is sell something to my audience.
  • There is usually nothing about how the potential guest will bring value to my specific audience, because it’s very obvious that they don’t know who my audience is, never mind what they need.
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The mass outreach pitches are all about what the guest wants to pitch, and not about what benefit will be had by the host, the show, or the audience.

The only times I have landed sweet podcast, summit or stage gigs is when I have an actual relationship with either the host, or someone else who has a relationship with them, recommends me.

So, now the question is…

How can I start relationships at scale that have the potential to lead to speaking gigs, MK?

I’m so glad you asked, because when I asked myself that question, it led me to creating this very automation we’re discussing.

  1. Since the majority of my relationships and audience engage on Facebook, I started there.
  2. Since I could target people, pages, and groups through different speaking or podcast keywords, I knew I could target many people who fit my speaking gig lead list.

Typical Replies to GOBot Outreach

Enjoy a 14 day free trial to help you book yourself as a podcast, summit or speaking guest on autopilot, and be ready to rock the mic.

If you hire a VA, you already know the power of outsourcing! Now you can outsource without the worry of vacations, sickness, holidays, miscommunications or people management.

This BEAST of a TaskBot will:

  1. Search your chosen niche list on Facebook.
  2. Record the following data to help you qualify potential shows for you to make a guest appearance based on the criteria you designate: – name – profile link – number of mutual friends you have in common – their profile bio (if they have one) – their website (if they have one)
  3. (Upon your review of this information), the GOBot will: – send a friend request on your behalf – record that the friend request was submitted – send a DM on your behalf with your copy to invite this person to connect and why – record that the invitation was sent.

You can now sit back, and enjoy the invitations to speak on your favorite shows.

Sign up for your very own Facebook(TM)-based GOBot today!

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