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I am Mary Kathryn Johnson, but my friends just call me MKJ.

I am perpetually curious, serial early adopter of amazing technology, and I’ve been a Success Conversationalist for the past 20 years.

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” Mahatma Gandhi

If you are ready to see how I can help your business, let’s chat.

Recent Projects

ZeroWork Creator App

This tool was designed and launched to no-code creators who were tired of the customization part of Software as a Service. These creators just wanted to build mini SaaS products that performed a specific task, required no high-ticket customizations, and offer it for a low-priced subscription.

I created:

  • All Website Copy
  • FAQ’s
  • Help Docs
  • Company Roadmap
  • Demo Videos
  • Creator SaaS Publication Requirements
  • Creator SaaS Marketing Standards
  • All AppSumo Marketing Copy & Demos
  • AppSumo Founder’s Message (for the CEO)

ZeroWork Founder's Letter

ZeroWork Founder's Letter

ZeroWork Creator App Website

All Website Copy

ZeroWork FAQ's

No-Code Creator's FAQ's

ZeroWork Help Docs

Training Copy for Creators

ZeroWork Marketplace

This Marketplace was designed and launched for the no-code creators to offer their mini SaaS products for subscribers to automate specific tasks on any website at a low-priced monthly fee.

I created:

  • All Website Copy
  • FAQ’s
  • TaskBot Requests
  • Company Roadmap
  • Demo Videos
  • Marketplace TaskBot Onboarding

ZeroWork Marketplace Website

Marketplace with Creator TaskBots

ZeroWork TaskBot Suggestions & Roadmap

TaskBot Creation Requests, and Company Roadmap

Marketplace TaskBot Structure

Marketing Set Up of All TaskBots

Relatable Interactive Video Relationships

This Interactive Video Relationship tool helps content creators, marketers and small business owners connect with their audience and customers with touchpoints and re-engagement. It allows viewers who abandon their interaction to re-engage with the content right where they left.

I created:

  • Landing Page Copy
  • Hint Bubbles in Software
  • Onboarding Email Sequence
  • Waitlist Email Sequence
  • Onboarding Video Script, Recordings, and Touchpoints
  • Webinar Script
  • Hackathon Script

Relatable Waitlist Landing Page

In Preparation for Launch in July

Relatable Waitlist Email Sequence

Dripping Solutions and Conversion Opportunities for Launch

Relatable Demo Video Script

Demonstrating Problem & Solution Leading to Conversion

The typical feedback after working with MKJ

MKJ’s insights were invaluable and helped shape ZeroWork into what it is today. MKJ became one of our first users because, as a true innovator, she could recognize the power of the emerging technology even in its nascent stage. Her advice and insights on how to build an active community that gives, takes and creates value to everyone involved were fundamental to the creation of ZeroWork’s vibrant community of creators. In our numerous conversations, MKJ always brought light and clarity to where I stand as a founder, where ZeroWork stands as my product and where my dreams stand as a vision. I recommend collaborating with MKJ to any founder or business owner. Her level of competence, nuanced understanding of technology, overall expertise and level of integrity will surprise you.

Diana Rees, CEO & Founder ZeroWork

Mary has offered invaluable strategic insights regarding the alignment of our software platforms with new industry categories, in addition to providing conversational messaging suggestions that enable us to effectively communicate with our customers in a nurturing and approachable manner. Her ability to identify category fits for products, devise messaging strategies, and create implementation plans to achieve specified goals is remarkable. I strongly endorse Mary and her conversational marketing approach, which she should incorporate into a new marketing curriculum taught at universities.

Peter Lisoskie, CEO & Founder iProelio

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