Uncommon Political Common Sense
I know that the title of this post is oxymoronic – with the emphasis on “moronic” – but why does it have to be this way?

All your answers are flooding my Mac’Brain through it’s wireless network. I know, it’s the nature of the beast.

I’m too young to have seen Mr. Smith Goes to Washington when it was first released, but I can tell you that NOTHING in life is new! Cicero talked about it in ancient Rome, and The American Tea Party Movement talks about it today.

Before you judge me as some fringe political supporter, and disable my connection to your Mac or PC Brain by hitting that little ‘x’ in the corner, re-read the title of this post. I am referring to anything that is specifically ‘Political’.

Unfortunately, the “Dictionary” link on my desktop (I have a paper version of the Dictionary on my bookshelf, but why get up and walk over there when I have it ‘at my fingertips’?) lists five definitions of the word ‘political’, four of which support my sarcasm.

Is there anyone in existence anywhere in the United States of America that is truly Political: (adjective) of or relating to the government or the public affairs of a country?


My kids (and yours) would love to have a viable country to inherit in about 10 years, so we don’t have much time.