As your independence from me looms like the dark before the dawn, I can’t help but reflect on the exciting journey before you, and my new role as your Mom.

Thinking of your Graduation, as you make decisions for your future – as you pack to leave home and study, I imagine sparkling excitement in your eyes, and yes, a little fear, but if I have done my job by helping you prepare for your life away from me, I know you will make most of the right choices. I hope you learn from the wrong ones.

You will experiment with all kinds of new things, people and events. Always remember…Don’t put anything up your nose that you don’t want in your brain… Please choose as wisely as possible, as these experiments can affect the remainder of your life, and the lives of others.

Marrying these thoughts with my current reality, I can answer your question confidently, my son:

“NO! You can’t have your iPod back until your 8th Grade English is above a C-!”