Every time I visit the social media giant with a face, I find something that opens my creative book. Whether it’s a SomeECards.com cartoon or an Albert Einstein quote, something stirs, and I must write.

I think it’s the common thread running through all human life.  All moms go through the same choices and emotions, but some of us do it with more sass or grace than others (guess which group counts me as a member).  All writers go through the same angst, excitement and hope, but some are more commercially successful, some are more tribally successful and some are more poetically successful than others (again, I’m in there somewhere).

Because of the common human thread that weaves this world, we writer-types can always find something to write about while trolling facebook.  I bet you can find lots from that book on this blog if you just read the archives or search the categories, but I want to read what you have written, and I can’t wait to weave myself into your thread.

What content have you created from Facebook?

Mary Kathryn Johnson
Author ~ Entrepreneur ~ Mom