Yes, I am addicted, and here is my supplier.  He stays late for me to get my fix, because he knows I’m hooked.  He offers me new blends of my drug, and I salivate at the mere mention.

Okay…sorry Dennis, I just had to be dramatic, you know me!  Really, this is the best coffee I have ever tasted, hand roasted weekly by the nicest family.  Dennis and Renee Planje have both been amazingly wonderful and accommodating to my addiction, and I have corrupted several of my own family members to become hooked on their Moka Java Roast – it has very soothing chocolate tones.

Four months ago, I found El Dorado Coffee & Tea Co. through an internet search after being completely underwhelmed by the grocery store coffee selection, and the unpredictable delivery of roasters as close as San Francisco and as far away as Italy.  I personally visit Dennis every other week to get my 2lb. vacuum sealed bag of Moka Java – sometimes I buy two 2lb. bags when my father-in-law visits.  I can run out of milk, bread or cereal, but NEVER coffee beans.  Yes, I get whole beans…I even invested in a built in Miele coffee maker when we remodeled our kitchen three years ago, and this grind-and-brew one cup at a time appliance is still the most used.  The true extent of my addiction is that my kids know how to turn on the coffee maker, and make me a cappuccino.  In true Italian fashion, my youngest has a mocha once a week with half a shot.  He loves coffee!

He’s almost 11, okay?!  Geez!  It’s not like I’m stunting his growth or anything!  (I’m not, right?!)

El Dorado Coffee & Tea Co. delivers, you know, so I highly suggest you try their coffee.  If you are not as addicted as I am, and you need ground coffee, they can do that.  Just let them know what type of grind – French Press, Drip, etc. – and they will do all the hard work, all you need do is put it in your coffee maker!  Tell them Mary sent you…not that it will get you any special treatment, because they treat everyone like family, but just ’cause it makes me feel good.  😉

If you need another reason to shop at El Dorado Coffe & Tea Co. besides the quality products and great people, here you go:  Renee co-founded Project2Love, an organization in partnership with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) that helps create a channel for distributing women owned and grown coffee and tea products.  Supporting these small farms allows their women owners to earn a living and feed their families.  So, buy this coffee, and it will taste good and make you feel good at the same time (and I’m not just talking about the high of feeding your addiction, you’ll also be feeding families).

Okay, I must confess that my motive in posting this is to spread my addiction far and wide.  Addicts never want to get high alone, right?!  But, seriously, if you like coffee, you will love this coffee…and you will never go back to Starbucks!

Just sayin’ ~

UPDATE:  Just so you know, I am not compensated in any way by El Dorado Coffee & Tea, and I buy my coffee from them with my own money. I will expect them to give away their wonderful product when Obama or any other President gives me a break!

Mary Kathryn Johnson
Author ~ Entrepreneur ~ Mom