Uncover Your ACE-in-the-Hole

Give Me 3 Hours, and I’ll Give You a Hot Prospect List that ONLY YOU can Serve!

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Are you ready to STOP making it harder than it already is?

Dear Agency Owner, Freelancer or Creator,

Hi, I’m Mary Kathryn Johnson (call me MKJ), and I’ll share more about myself in a sec.

But, I need to address the first and most critical step in the success of your business. To be honest, most people think it’s…

Your Programs. Your Services. Or, Your Products.

You know what I’m talking about, right… those things you sell to your clients that keep your business alive?

The most critical determination for your success is actually the first step you take.

Your Leads. Your Prospects. Or, Those You Serve.

You know… the people who actually pay you for what you offer?

And, the frustrating part is that most entrepreneurs just use the wrong method to determine this critical first step – the step that will immediately put you on the wrong path to trying to sell the wrong thing to the wrong person.

  • “I’ll serve the ‘me’ from X years ago.”
  • “I’ll sell to coaches (or other niche doing lots of ads), because there are tons of them on Facebook.”
  • “I’ll create a solution for restaurants (or some other well-known niche). I go to lots of restaurants, and I know how they work, so I can solve their problems!”

You might chuckle a bit, and identify with those statements, but I can tell you every one of the thousands of people I’ve worked with has said one or more of them, too.

Guessing the first step means you’re by default guessing the last step – the sale.

I have certainly wasted a ton of time, a shit-ton of money, and my limited attention span on the wrong things in my business.

And, because of all that wasted time, money and energy, I developed a framework to uncover the perfect intersection of niche business, your talents and the money prospects spend that make you an Ace-in-the-Hole in business, and eliminate all competition.

What you see above is the first of 7 worksheets we use to create your Ace-in-the-Hole

I call it your Ace-in-the-Hole because it unites the three parts that determine the perfect niche category for you to serve in one simple exercise.

And, the intersection of those three parts pinpoints your exact FOCUS for a profitable product or service for higher business revenue, and the exact language you will use to get it.

We will use this simple framework together for:

  • Discover your profitable niche
  • Evaluate different niches to see why they might not be right for your business
  • Audit a niche to see if serving it would be a complicated up-hill climb, or an aligned simple sprint to success
  • Crafting the perfect message and pitch to attract your ideal customers

Businesses need a clarity of purpose & market.

And, this simple powerful tool allows for your first step in business to create a huge impact.

Your Next 3 Steps


Your Ace-in-the-Hole Workshop

The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way to Build a Hot Prospect List Begging to Buy

By the end of this 3-hour virtual workshop, you will have discovered your exact profitable niche category that’s easiest and most profitable to sell to for your business, and crafted the perfect pitch those prospects will find irresistible.

A simple, clear process. Man that feels good to have a Purpose to go forward.

Judith Hogan

Your Business CAN…

But, What if…

This is NOT for you

This IS for you

What you will experience during this workshop:

In just 3 hours during a Zoom call workshop, you will…

Can’t make it live due to a scheduling conflict? No problem! You can access the recording any time!

Sounds Awesome, but why would you do this for just $50?

Yep! This is a great deal to get the key parts of your business clearly and quickly working.

And, Yes $50 is not much for the system that will finally start you on the path to thousands more.

And, Yes this $50 will be deducted from your first month’s membership payment if you decide to join the ACE membership by March 19th.

And, Yes this training is waiting for you inside the Automated Conversational Entrepreneur (ACE) membership…

But, I’m offering this most important kick-start in the hopes of getting in front of top entrepreneurs like you, and providing a great experience in the hope that you will join us as a full ACE.

We help entrepreneurs overcome the primary obstacles in their business and marketing to help them make more money faster and easier… and hopefully you would love to work with us fully.

It’s pretty clear, and I hope you join me.

So, if this live workshop prevents you from ~

Wasting hours and weeks chasing the wrong prospects, and selling to the wrong people.

Wasting money on the wrong messaging that doesn’t speak directly to who you serve.

Wasting your precious mental bandwidth and anxiety trying to figure out why, why, why?

What do you think that is worth?

$5,000 would be a bargain IMHO.

So, are you ready to join me on this LIVE workshop for $50?

The same as 2 deli lunches… or 10 small frozen yogurts… or 1 floppy summer hat.

And, none of those has the potential to impact your life like this LIVE workshop.

You know, because I want entrepreneurs to experience the clarity and focus that leads to higher revenue and profits, I’ve made this a no-brainer for you!

Answers to some of your questions about the Ace-in-the-Hole Workshop

What size should my business be to get the most out of this workshop?

If your business is bringing in at least $5,000 per month, this workshop will help you tremendously. And, if you’re already at six figures, this workshop is perfect for you.

If I can’t attend live, will a recording be available?

Absolutely! I’ve had to pay extra for recordings from workshops I’ve attended, if you can believe it, but not this time.

Does it matter what industry or type of business I’m building?

This framework has worked for all types of businesses, but I will be focusing on agencies, coaches and personal brands.

How is this workshop different from all the other ‘Niche Down’ products out there?

I haven’t taken all those programs, so I can’t speak to them, specifically. I can only tell you that we will spend our time doing one thing very well… getting crystal clear on the very first step in your success journey. And, we will do this using two vital parts of my framework, Ace-in-the-Hole Niche Category and the 3 Tools to the Perfect DM.

Who is MKJ, and why should I clarify my marketing with her?

For the past 20 years, I have worked through so many different ways to create success, and finally developed this framework 7 years ago. It has led me to create this very successful mathematical process that has been used by thousands of entrepreneurs.

Both multi-millionaire clients, and countless aspiring student entrepreneurs have used this system, and the resulting automated conversational marketing technology (ACMT) tools I’ve developed that follow. I hope we can add you to that list.

Create Your Ace-in-the-Hole, and Leave All Doubt and Competition Behind