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Mastery Payment Portal

Howdy My Friend,

I am so humbled and honored to be a part of your business, and life journey with this group.

The investment details are agreed to as follows.

  • Mastery Membership: $1000 per month, or a $2,500 one-time investment for a three-month block (saves you $500)

I’ve set up Stripe as the portal for your transaction using the links at the bottom of this page.

If you do the monthly plan: you will be set up with a recurring charge each month for three months starting on the day you make your first payment.

If you do the one-time payment: it is one-time only. You will NOT be setup for a recurring charge.

Here Are The Important Details

  • Your seat is not considered saved until your payment is received (understandably).

  • Once your payment is received, you will access additional instructions and group details.

  • The date & time for group meetings will be determined via a group vote once all participants have joined.

    • We anticipate starting the week of October 3rd.

As A Qualified Member, You Agree To The Following,

  • You want to participate in a guided, like-minded group with structured leadership and accountability — not another course or membership commitment with videos, ebooks, and other distractions that do nothing to advance your success.

  • You are willing to let me, and those in the group get to know you, and offer our shared wisdom to your life.

  • You enter into this group with the focus on building actual relationships with your fellow members.

  • You agree that a financial investment in the group is important to getting maximum value and results from our efforts together.

  • You are eager to share your wisdom, best practices, and advice with members of the group. While I will act as the guide, and provide regular input, this is a place where everyone will have an opportunity to lead and contribute. We go farther and faster together.

  • You have a product, service, or message that you are committed to sharing to make a positive difference in the world. No scammers or spammers here!

  • You understand that the true value you will experience in this group is actually having legitimate connections with true opportunities for growth and change, not the amount of videos, audios, pdf’s, etc. I might add to make it have perceived value. Having direct access to the minds in this group could potentially give you one executable idea that leads to $50,000 in revenue, or a major client.

  • You verify that you do not make excuses, whine, create drama, complain, gossip, or share negativity. We are here to help each other rise.


This group will have my top priority for time and results, so you can feel secure that you will have access to whatever resources, connections, and strategies I can provide in order to help you succeed. I will be available via cell phone upon joining.

To secure your seat, just choose your option to the right. Thanks a Bunch!