Are you in a good place, but not the place you thought you’d be?

Yeah, me too.

Here is why.

A quick little life update since almost exactly a year ago, May 31, 2023, I recorded another life update about all the changes that were happening in my life.

My husband and I sold our home and we planned to travel, and I was on my way to an Italian Citizenship.

And, I cannot believe it’s already a year since that happened, and my plans did not come to fruition.

We did sell our home.

We moved in with my father-in-law for what we thought was a short time. And we were going to use this as our home base to find the city we would call home.

We wanted to move to a walkable city.

During the first six months of this adventure, we traveled to Switzerland.

We went to Florence.

We went to Austin.

We started fulfilling that dream of travel and looking for our next home, and my, and my sons’ citizenship application is still in progress.

Then, we uncovered that my father-in-law has Alzheimer’s.

So, in good conscience, we chose not to move to a city, but stay and help him.

So now I’m still living in Northern California.

I wanted to leave California, but I cannot complain.

Because, my view is the Pacific Ocean. So don’t feel sorry for me.

I’m very, very, very blessed, but I’m not where I expected to be.

That’s okay.

I’m gonna bloom where I’m planted.

I have CEO Mischief Maker and it’s a community now.

It’s a podcast.

I’m writing the book.

And just in case you don’t know, Mischief stands for something more than having fun.

Mindset Impact Strategic Community Helping Innovative Entrepreneurs Focus.

That’s what I do. I consult with companies now.

I shut down my agency.

I don’t want to build things for businesses anymore. I want to help them do what they need to do before they build, which is:

– Find out what category they are building and belong to
– What conversations they need to have to effectively communicate that category and what makes them different
– And I want to help people with demand gen instead of lead gen.

If you don’t know what that is, look it up.

Demand generation marketing.

That’s what I focus on now.

So, if it sounds like you are aligned with the CEO Mischief Maker Community you might want to do the following:

– Check out the podcast.
– Create interactive video relationships that are supportive of demand for your business by checking out Relatable.
Connect with me.

Let’s create some MISCHIEF together, shall we?