If I live to 104, you could say I’m in “mid life” right now.

Or, you could just say I’m Mary.

Since life is measured by how much time has passed since the latest milestone event, I’ve experienced a pretty eventful life adventure so far…birth, high school graduation, marriage, college graduation, career changes, the purchase of a home, the birth of my sons, a debilitating accident, the birth of businesses, the death of my dear mother-in-law, the diagnosis of a disability, the remodel of a home, menopause, and adventurous vacations to new and exciting places.

Each new major experience seems to start the clock anew, and we measure time in life from this new point.

Is this a way we humans try to stay young, or feel immortal?

I don’t know, but I’m looking at two very big milestones that will happen this year, and the promise of possibility has led me to this daily ritual to uncover the wisdom of me.

You see, even as we reset the clock with each new major life event, we still carry the pain, grief, habits and fear of all the previous events like layers of soil in an archeological site.

All our experiences create the person we are now, and at the same time, cover up the core of the person we were at birth.

I do not want to go back to that child-like state, nor do I want to belittle or negate the experiences that have led to the Mary I am now. Most of those experiences were the result of my own adult choices, and I do not regret them, wish to run from them, or blame them on anyone else.

In other words, I’m not divorcing my husband of 32 years. My 19 year old self made a good choice that I honor, respect, admire and am so thankful for!

This is Day 1 of the next 100 (and all the days left of my life) on my journey to sweep away the soil of my own archeology to reveal the bare, essence of self.

Dirt doesn’t only make things dirty, however.

Dirt also provides for the growth of beautiful things.

So, I fully expect to reveal many treasures as I uncover myself, and when I do, I will shine them up, and bring them to light for all to see.

I am a goal oriented, promise keeping kind of person, however, so 100 days is set for the timing of two major events:

  1. The High School Graduation of my oldest son, and
  2. The first trip to the foreign land of my ancestry in Europe.

I have three promises to keep in these 100 days:

  1. Lose 40 pounds of pain, grief, habits and fear (again),
  2. Prepare for the trip, and learn as much of the Italian language as will allow me to love it, and
  3. Create, grow and monetize a new niche business to the point of profit.

I would be honored if you would join me on this journey, and provide any feedback you feel would assist in it’s success.

Or, you could just read the ramblings, and cheer me on?

Day 1:

  • PiYo 40 minutes (OUCH!)
  • Walk the dogs 2 miles
  • Sono la signora Johnson. E tu chi sei?
  • Write another BTT blog post.

See you tomorrow, my friends.

What are 3 of your promises for the next 100 days?

​Please share!  I would love to cheer you on, too!